The Donatello's David on social

C’era molta attesa per questa edizione dei David di Donatello, the second organized by Sky. But what was the involvement of the audience on social?

The evening was marked by David about 23.600 tweet, with a maximum peak at 22:00 con 6.500 tweets and 7.600 only users who have contributed to the conversation. The comparison with the Oscars can be seen in black or white. in fact, Twitter on that occasion he had recorded 100.000 conversazioni, alimentate da 36.400 unique users and the peak was recorded around 5:00, with about 10.000 tweet.

Glass half empty: Whereas the Oscars were experienced at night, certainly the difference of numbers is known. Glass half full: David saw that they did some recording listening records (rather, c’è stata a decline from last year), the results on social are not bad and still confirm that attention and involvement of the fans there was. The buzz peak arrived at 22.00, perhaps signal (but here we should compare it with the viewing figures) of a certain subsequent dissection, Also because of so many technical awards that maybe have not helped much the success of the ceremony.


Said this, il cloud con i termini più utilizzati spiega molto meglio di mille parole la situazione:


Essentially very few securities mentioned, ie the two most viewed (La pazza gioia e Veloce come il vento) between the candidates and the winner of numerous awards, indivisible. Proving that the collection data (che seguiamo su Cineguru) social and popularity often go hand in hand, un aspetto che non mancheremo di analizzare a fondo. Then, a series of famous actors, not necessarily those winners, but basically the 'celebrities'. in conclusion, there was talk of the movies and the actors who already have basic started from an important notoriety, a sign perhaps that the ceremony did not take place moments (even by 'unknown') especially memorable. Only exception (but some came from an 'unknown') il discorso di ringraziamento di Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Much has been made of a "great virality" of your speech, but perhaps it should say a major dissemination and discussion by experts / movie fans, more than a viral extensive and widespread as we understand generally, which, moreover, it has been made complicated by the difficulty of the video retrieval.

As for the distributors, ben 23 tweet coming from 01, a given hardly surprising, considerando le tante vittorie dei loro cavalli La pazza gioia e Veloce come il vento (without considering the many films produced by RAI Cinema and distributed by others).

As for the top tweet (the number of RT), These are the main:

The Osho sentences
Giulio's us
Trash Italian
David Awards – The victory of nocturnal animals
David Awards – The victory of the mad joy

Among post-ironic (which never fail on these occasions) and official account status award, è bello notare come al secondo posto di questa classifica ci sia un ricordo di Giulio Regeni, a dimostrazione che i David di Donatello possono essere utili (and much shared on social) even for important civic battles.


As for the top influencer who discussed David, These are the first five, and their relative numbers on Twitter:

Rosario Fiorello (1.071.541)
Negramaro (997.065)
Alessandro Cattelan (960.241)
Daria Bignardi (551.672)
Antonella Clerici (511.733)

Inutile dire che la parte del leone – anche per la frequenza con cui ha aggiornato i suoi status – l’ha fatta il conduttore Alessandro Cattelan, with well 14 tweet. On Instagram the buzz was much lower (375 post, 210 utenti unici). Tra i top influence:

Luca Argentero
Alessandro Cattelan
Velia (K4U)
Eva Riccobono
Matteo Bruno (Dry dog)

Infine, on Facebook we can see that some stars of the evening (young, at least compared to the average age of the world of Italian cinema), abbiano festeggiato i premi in alcuni post come quello che potete vedere sotto. Ma in generale possiamo dire che i David di Donatello e i social non sono proprio una coppia perfetta…