Premiazione Interactive Key Award

Hit Mania Trailer vince l’Interactive Key Award 2018

Hit Mania Trailer, the ranking of the most popular trailers on social networks,,it,won the Interactive Key Award in the "Technology and Innovation" category,,it,Il tool,,en,developed internally with Datalytics technical support,,it,convinced the jury of the Award,,it,now in its nineteenth edition,,it,The past,,it,two hundred registered works,,it,they have been evaluated by a jury of,,it,Forty industry experts,,it,marketing directors of Italian companies,,it,creative director,,en,communication experts and journalists of specialized publications,,it, ha vinto l’Interactive Key Award nella categoria “Tecnologia e Innovazione”, giunto alla sua diciannovesima edizione. The over two hundred registered entries have been evaluated by a jury of forty industry experts including marketing directors,it,

Hit Mania Trailer – I Trailer più popolari di Aprile 2018

A Jurassic clash that for the most popular trailer title on social media in April,,it,after a tight head to head,,it,is the official trailer of,,it,Shark,,en,The First Shark,,it,to bite the ranking and conquer the first position of #HitManiaTrailer,,it,With an Engagement Score of,,it,M of total video views,,it,the title distributed by Warner Bros,,it,Entertainment Italia undermines the Final Trailer of,,it,which keeps the second position firm with an E.S,,it,total video views,,it,looking at the classification in its entirety,,it: dopo un serrato testa a testa, è il trailer ufficiale di Shark – Il Primo Squalo ad azzannare la classifica e conquistare la prima posizione

Hit Mania Trailer – I Trailer più popolari di Marzo 2018

The magician,,it,the devil and the Holy water,,it,This could be the subtitle of,,it,to March,,es,month during which the trailer debut as,,it,Fantastic Animals,,it,Pablo Escobar,,es,Their,,it,Pope francesco,,it,has upset the trend of the ranking of the most popular trailers on social networks,,it,Given the wealth of new titles,,it,we will analyze the trend of infographics through gender comparisons by identifying the best performers of the month among competitors of the same category,,it,Fantastic trailers,,it,and where to find them,,it, il diavolo e l’acqua santa… This could be the subtitle of Hit Mania Trailer in March,,it,month during which the debut of trailer as Fantastic Animals,,it,They and Pope Francis has distorted the trend of the,,it 2018, mese durante il quale il debutto di trailer come Animali Fantastici, Pablo Escobar, Loro e Papa Francesco ha stravolto l’andamento della

Hit Mania Trailer – I trailer più popolari di Febbraio 2018

The performance of Hit Mania Trailer in February is mainly animated by the debuts that took place during the edition,,it,it is linked to the now consolidated correlation between presence,,it 2018 del Super Bowl, tuttavia possiamo individuare alcune interessanti sorprese. La prima, ma si tratta più di una conferma, è legata all’ormai consolidata correlazione tra la presenza

Oscar 2018


The 90th edition of the Oscars has ended,,it,followed live,,it,from our editorial staff,,it,which has respected practically all the forecasts,,it,without reserving surprises or jolts,,it,The real winner was,,it,The shape of water,,it,Guillermo del Toro,,es,who brought home four statues,,it,including those for best film and best director,,it,Satisfaction for Italy,,it,Call me with your name,,it,Luca Guadagnino,,it,won the Oscar for the best non-original screenplay,,it, followed live by our editorial staff,,it,The real winner was La Forma dell'acqua by Guillermo del Toro,,it. La cerimonia ha rispettato praticamente tutti i pronostici, senza riservare sorprese o scossoni. Il vero vincitore è stato La Forma dell’acqua di Guillermo del Toro, che

Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook: nuove misurazioni per la reach organica

Facebook has recently announced the release of a major update on how organic reach is calculated,,it,Organic coverage is now counted when an unpaid post is displayed on a screen,,it. In base alla nuova definizione, la copertura organica viene ora conteggiata quando un post non a pagamento viene visualizzato sullo schermo di una

Hit Mania Trailer – I trailer più popolari di Gennaio 2018

  Hit Mania Trailer – La classifica dei trailer più popolari sui social mostra un andamento curioso nel mese di Gennaio 2018: da una parte inizia infatti l’avvicendamento con i trailer che anticipano le prime release cinematografiche del 2018, dall’altra

Hit Mania Trailer – Most popular video of the Super Bowl,it

The final of the American football professional league is always important vehicle launches,,it,the event is an unofficial national holiday,,it,that unites Americans and leads in front of the tv over,,it,million viewers,,it,in the States and abroad,,it,The trailers and the commercials launched yesterday in fact moved,,it,our ranking of the most popular movie trailers,,it,After more,,it,we find it in the top positions all video content offered during the Super Bowl,,it: l’evento è una festa nazionale ufficiosa, che unisce gli americani e porta davanti alla tv oltre 100 milioni di telespettatori, negli States e anche all’estero. I

Hit Mania Trailer – La classifica dei trailer più popolari sui social network

Brad&K Productions s.r.l,,en,Hit Mania Trailer,,en,The ranking of the most popular movie trailers on social networks,,it,,,en,Hit Mania Trailer is dynamic infographic that shows in real time the first ten positions of the ranking of the trailer with the best social performance,,it,monitored in a timeslot at the base of definita.L'idea Hit Mania Trailer born from the encounter between the two cores of,,it. It is pleased to introduce Hit Mania Trailer,,it, Hit Mania Trailer is dynamic infographic that shows in real time the first ten positions of the ranking of the trailer,,it – La classifica dei trailer più popolari sui social network: Hit Mania Trailer è un’infografica dinamica che mostra in real time le prime dieci posizioni della classifica dei trailer