Oscar 2018, pioggia di nomination per i film a cui abbiamo lavorato

The awards season comes alive with,,it,Oscar nominations,,it,announced today by the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills,,it,and many candidates won by films that we handled the digital communication,,it,Building on success for,,it,Dunkirk,,en,nominated as Best Film,,it,Best Director for,,it,Christopher Nolan,,en,Best Cinematography,,it,Best Editing,,it,Best Production Design,,it,Best Sound,,it,Best Editing Sound,,it,Best Score,,it,with an extraordinary,,it,in the role of Winston Churchill,,it nomination agli Oscar, annunciate oggi dal Samuel Goldwyn Theater di Beverly Hills, e sono tantissime le candidature conquistate dai film di cui abbiamo curato la comunicazione digitale.

Un successo annunciato per Dunkirk, in nomination come Miglior Film, Migliore Regia per Christopher Nolan, Miglior Fotografia, Miglior Montaggio, Migliore Scenografia, Miglior Sonoro, Miglior Montaggio Sonoro, Migliore Colonna Sonora.

L’ora più buia, con uno straordinario Gary Oldman nei panni di Winston Churchill, these days in the room,,it,He won six nominations for Best Picture,,it,Best Cinematography,,it,Best Costume Design and Best Makeup,,it,amazing sequel directed by Denis Villeneuve of one of the milestones of cinema,,it,Academy competes in the categories Best Special Effects,,it,Best Production Design,,it,Best Sound and Best Sound Installation,,it,Four nominations,,it,the Rian Johnson film event,,it,Best Score and Best Special Effects,,it,In the categories Best Costume Design and Best Makeup,,it, si aggiudica sei nomination come Miglior Film, Best Actor, Migliore Scenografia, Migliore Fotografia, Migliori Costumi e Miglior Trucco.

Blade Runner 2049, strepitoso sequel diretto da Denis Villeneuve di una delle pietre miliari del cinema, concorre all’Oscar nelle categorie Migliori Effetti Speciali, Migliore Scenografia, Miglior Fotografia, Miglior Sonoro e Miglior Montaggio Sonoro.

Quattro le nomination per Star Wars: Gli Ultimi Jedi, il film-evento di Rian Johnson: Miglior Montaggio Sonoro, Miglior Sonoro, Migliore Colonna Sonora e Migliori Effetti Speciali.

Nelle categorie Migliori Costumi e Miglior Trucco, concorre agli Oscar 2018 Vittoria e Abdul, con Judi Dench nei panni della Regina Vittoria.

La favola senza tempo de Beauty and the Beast, con il sontuoso live action diretto da Bill Condon, conquista le nomination per le Migliori Scenografie e i Migliori Costumi.

I colori e le musiche di Coco,en, ultimo capolavoro Disney•Pixar, colpiscono nel segno e fanno guadagnare alla pellicola le candidature come Miglior Film di Animazione e Miglior Canzone (Remember Me).

Guardiani della Galassia Vol. 2 di James Gunn, secondo film dedicato all’omonimo gruppo di supereroi Marvel, competes for Best Special Effects,,it,In the category Best Adapted Screenplay,,it,won a nomination,,it,The Disaster Artist,,en,the film directed by and starring James Franco, who tells the inside story of one of the worst films ever made.,,it,Sull Island,,en,Innovative and stylish remake of King Kong franchise,,it,It has been nominated for Best Special Effects,,it,We just have to cross our fingers and wait,,it,for the awards ceremony,,it.

Nella categoria Migliore Sceneggiatura Non Originale, si aggiudica una nomination The Disaster Artist, il film diretto e interpretato da James Franco che racconta i retroscena di una delle pellicole peggiori mai realizzate.

The Disaster Artist

Infine Kong: Sull Island, moderna ed innovativa rivisitazione del franchise di King Kong, è in nomination per i Migliori Effetti Speciali.

Non ci resta che incrociare le dita e attendere il 4 March per la cerimonia di premiazione, to know how many Oscars bring home the titles we have worked with passion,,it,telling their stories on social networks,,it,shower of nominations for the films we have worked,,it, raccontando le loro storie sui social network.


Beauty and the beast: gli artisti sui social

There was no need of the photo scandal stolen from Emma Watson to be talked about on the Internet de Beauty and the beast and artists involved in the project.

D’altronde, 16,6M with the fans only on the official page of the film on Facebook, l’attesa per Beauty and the beast è enorme e non solo sui canali ufficiali, but also thanks to the activity of social actors.

A dominare tra gli artisti coinvolti, è la protagonista Emma Watson, thanks to its approximately 84 million fans in Facebook (34,7M), Twitter (24M) e Instagram (25,3M). It should be said that in these areas the actress is committed to promoting social and cultural initiatives that the film (and related materials). certainly, It is also a way to highlight something that goes beyond the promotion of their work and which aims to have an impact on millions of people, although unfortunately, as it happened at this time, spesso a ricevere attenzione sono soprattutto fatti privati e criminali. in fact, as reported by the Guardian, the actress was reported stolen and the dissemination of its online photos, yet another victim of facts that have already hit other celebrities before her.


Molto più coinvolto invece nella promozione de Beauty and the beast sui suoi social (almost 10M in Facebook, Twitter e Instagram), l’attore Ian McKellen, who daily put content related to the movie, as well as the play “No Man’s Land”. McKellen On the other hand, has always been very active on the Internet, fin dai tempi de Il Signore degli anelli and of X-Men, with one of the best personal blog for an actor at that time.

Interessanti anche i numeri di Luke Evans (who plays Gaston) and that can boast 1,3 million fans on Facebook, Besides 860.000 between Twitter and Instagram. In these days, basically his company are fully dedicated to the film, with a daily countdown.


Discorso a metà per Ewan McGregor. The popular Scottish actor is in fact not present on Facebook, but instead it is active both on Twitter (more than 1.3m followers) that on Instagram (nearly one million). curiously, Also the 'Beast’ (alias Dan Stevens) It is not present on Facebook, but it engaged with Instagram and Twitter, with about 460 Total followers.

and yet, many important members of the cast and crew are not on social. Some, come Stanley Tucci ed Emma Thompson, perhaps not very surprising, simply because of age. Others are unexpected. For example, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, totally absent, despite a rise in popularity, anche per via di una recente puntata di Black Mirror (“San Junipero”) much loved by the fans. Infine, Also the director Bill Condon He prefers not to be. And to say that, between Beauty and the beast and the last two chapters of the saga of Twilight, He would certainly not have had problems to win millions of fans.

in conclusion, as it happens more and more often, important numbers on social and business at the box office go hand in hand. And besides,, for the film, which now comes out in Italy 800 sale, l’attesa è enorme e si prevede un box office notevole, as you can discover in this article