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Brad&K is a Digital Agency where you can find creative talents, movie buffs, nerds, TV Show and gaming enthusiasts who collaborate to create digital experiences for your films. First and foremost, though, we are editors at ScreenWeek.it, one of the largest online entertainment outlets for film news.

Thus, from the Lumière Brothers to the future, we like to focus on films. We like to reinvent ourselves and evolve, by experimenting with new and always up-to-date strategies.

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We’ve been working in the movie business since 2004 and we love it. For this reason, we follow a film from the beginnings of its production phase all the way to its release in theaters, by creating unique experiences to engage users and propel them to share the stories they love with their friends.

Editorial skills

We are editors at ScreenWeek, the Italian network which, for over ten years, has been one of the leading websites for film and entertainment news in Italy. Our blog is constantly updated as we strive to keep our audience up-to-the-minute, with all the latest news.

Digital strategies

We believe in continuous research: each film has its own personality, and therefore it needs its own unique strategy to draw fans in. Thus, we are always up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends of the moment to offer our users the best experience possible.


We love to tell stories, from paper to web: every day our army of creative talents releases new and exclusive contents on our channels and creates original series about the world of films and television.

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The Creative Services department at Brad&K is in charge of planning and creating the best creative assets to promote a film online and beyond: thanks to SWService, a film’s narrative becomes all-comprehensive, giving users the chance to also take part in contests and special initiatives.

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Hit Mania Trailer – I trailer più popolari di Febbraio 2018

The performance of Hit Mania Trailer in February is mainly animated by the debuts that took place during the edition,,it,it is linked to the now consolidated correlation between presence,,it 2018 del Super Bowl, tuttavia possiamo individuare alcune interessanti sorprese. La prima, ma si tratta più di una conferma, è legata all’ormai consolidata correlazione tra la presenza

Oscar 2018


The 90th edition of the Oscars has ended,,it,followed live,,it,from our editorial staff,,it,which has respected practically all the forecasts,,it,without reserving surprises or jolts,,it,The real winner was,,it,The shape of water,,it,Guillermo del Toro,,es,who brought home four statues,,it,including those for best film and best director,,it,Satisfaction for Italy,,it,Call me with your name,,it,Luca Guadagnino,,it,won the Oscar for the best non-original screenplay,,it, followed live by our editorial staff,,it,The real winner was La Forma dell'acqua by Guillermo del Toro,,it. La cerimonia ha rispettato praticamente tutti i pronostici, senza riservare sorprese o scossoni. Il vero vincitore è stato La Forma dell’acqua di Guillermo del Toro, che

Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook: nuove misurazioni per la reach organica

Facebook has recently announced the release of a major update on how organic reach is calculated,,it,Organic coverage is now counted when an unpaid post is displayed on a screen,,it. In base alla nuova definizione, la copertura organica viene ora conteggiata quando un post non a pagamento viene visualizzato sullo schermo di una