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Brad&K is a Digital Agency where you can find creative talents, movie buffs, nerds, TV Show and gaming enthusiasts who collaborate to create digital experiences for your films. First and foremost, though, we are editors at ScreenWeek.it, one of the largest online entertainment outlets for film news.

Thus, from the Lumière Brothers to the future, we like to focus on films. We like to reinvent ourselves and evolve, by experimenting with new and always up-to-date strategies.

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We’ve been working in the movie business since 2004 and we love it. For this reason, we follow a film from the beginnings of its production phase all the way to its release in theaters, by creating unique experiences to engage users and propel them to share the stories they love with their friends.

Editorial skills

We are editors at ScreenWeek, the Italian network which, for over ten years, has been one of the leading websites for film and entertainment news in Italy. Our blog is constantly updated as we strive to keep our audience up-to-the-minute, with all the latest news.

Digital strategies

We believe in continuous research: each film has its own personality, and therefore it needs its own unique strategy to draw fans in. Thus, we are always up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends of the moment to offer our users the best experience possible.


We love to tell stories, from paper to web: every day our army of creative talents releases new and exclusive contents on our channels and creates original series about the world of films and television.

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The Creative Services department at Brad&K is in charge of planning and creating the best creative assets to promote a film online and beyond: thanks to SWService, a film’s narrative becomes all-comprehensive, giving users the chance to also take part in contests and special initiatives.

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HIT MANIA TRAILER – I trailer più popolari di Ottobre 2019

The #HitManiaTrailer column returns to show which are the most successful trailers on social media in October,,it,To open the ranking also this month we find,,it,the Lucky Red title that debuts at the cinema just in November,,it,The trailer de,,it,title that sees Jennifer Lopez among the leading actresses,,it,In second place we find the trailer of the third chapter of Cetto La Qualunque,,it,Cetto There is Undoubtedly,,it,who obtained an engagement score of,,it. To open the ranking this month we find The Girls of Wall Street,,it,the Lucky Red title that debuts,,it, il titolo Lucky Red che debutta

Nuova funzione di Instagram

Al via il test di una nuova funzione di Instagram per gestire i contenuti nel proprio feed

It looks like a new Instagram feature is coming,,it,it seems that the social network is testing a setting that will allow users to manage,,it,and is an app dedicated to children aged three and up with content and,,it, o quantomeno che siano in atto le prove generali: come riporta l’esperta Jane Manchun Wong, sembra che il social network stia testando un’impostazione che permetterà agli utenti di gestire

Spotify Kids - UX

Spotify Kids: in arrivo una nuova app pensata per i bambini

The latest Spotify novelty will delight children and parents,,it,that will finally be able to eliminate,,it,Baby Shark,,en,from the list of favorite tracks,,it,it's called Kids,,it,and is an app dedicated to children aged three and up with content and playlists designed especially for them,,it,Launched so far only in Ireland,,it,Kids will include about,,it,traces,,it,all selected for a younger audience,,it,Setting the age range,,it, che finalmente potranno eliminare “Baby Shark” dalla lista dei brani preferiti: si chiama Kids, ed è un’app dedicata ai bambini dai tre anni in su con contenuti e