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Brad&K is a Digital Agency where you can find creative talents, movie buffs, nerds, TV Show and gaming enthusiasts who collaborate to create digital experiences for your films. First and foremost, though, we are editors at ScreenWeek.it, one of the largest online entertainment outlets for film news.

Thus, from the Lumière Brothers to the future, we like to focus on films. We like to reinvent ourselves and evolve, by experimenting with new and always up-to-date strategies.

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We’ve been working in the movie business since 2004 and we love it. For this reason, we follow a film from the beginnings of its production phase all the way to its release in theaters, by creating unique experiences to engage users and propel them to share the stories they love with their friends.

Editorial skills

We are editors at ScreenWeek, the Italian network which, for over ten years, has been one of the leading websites for film and entertainment news in Italy. Our blog is constantly updated as we strive to keep our audience up-to-the-minute, with all the latest news.

Digital strategies

We believe in continuous research: each film has its own personality, and therefore it needs its own unique strategy to draw fans in. Thus, we are always up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends of the moment to offer our users the best experience possible.


We love to tell stories, from paper to web: every day our army of creative talents releases new and exclusive contents on our channels and creates original series about the world of films and television.

Sw Service

The Creative Services department at Brad&K is in charge of planning and creating the best creative assets to promote a film online and beyond: thanks to SWService, a film’s narrative becomes all-comprehensive, giving users the chance to also take part in contests and special initiatives.

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A world of contents from 35mm to digital entertainment.



Netflix e la crescita social dei suoi attori

Netflix has established itself as a world leader in online streaming but its consecration goes far beyond being a platform that simplifies the vision of content,,it,A turnover of,,it,of Dollars and a total of,,it,millions of subscribers,,it,they are results that show a deep attachment to a brand that has made communication on social media the backbone of all its marketing strategy,,it,This approach,,it,social driven,,en,it could only have the effect of increasing success,,it. Un fatturato di 2,99 billions of dollars and a total of,it 109 millions

Ralph Spaccatutto: Tra Content e Influencer Marketing

Now the eyes of consumers are super addicted to any type of digital advertising activity you can imagine,,it,Hence the need to create new content and influencer marketing strategies that allow the content to really attract users' attention,,it,the last winning find in this perspective has Disney with a very special strategy and aimed at creating buzz around the exit of,,it,Ralph Spaccatutto,,it,expected for the next,,it. Da qui la necessità di creare strategie sempre nuove che permettano al contenuto di attirare realmente l’attenzione degli utenti. The last found,it

Premiazione Interactive Key Award

Hit Mania Trailer vince l’Interactive Key Award 2018

Hit Mania Trailer, the ranking of the most popular trailers on social networks,,it,won the Interactive Key Award in the "Technology and Innovation" category,,it,Il tool,,en,developed internally with Datalytics technical support,,it,convinced the jury of the Award,,it,now in its nineteenth edition,,it,The past,,it,two hundred registered works,,it,they have been evaluated by a jury of,,it,Forty industry experts,,it,marketing directors of Italian companies,,it,creative director,,en,communication experts and journalists of specialized publications,,it, ha vinto l’Interactive Key Award nella categoria “Tecnologia e Innovazione”, giunto alla sua diciannovesima edizione. The over two hundred registered entries have been evaluated by a jury of forty industry experts including marketing directors,it,